Why G7FX Started g7fxgiving.com

Why G7FX Started g7fxgiving.com

It’s always good to start with a WHY? 

Before we discuss WHY – G7FX formed g7fxgiving.com. A platform from which the G7FX community will be supporting charities. Let me introduce you to some of the pioneers behind businesses supporting the community.

Businesses supporting workers and charities were the result of business thought leaders in the 20th century. During this, period businesses were focussed on making money with little regard for workers or the community.

It was the result of a few forward-thinking businessmen who paved the way for where we are today. One such leader was Thomas John Bernardo, who established hundreds of homes for children to alleviate them from poverty (and who is still a household name thanks to his charitable organisation Barnardos).

Another prime example is George Cadbury, the founder of Cadburys. In 1900, he founded the Bournville Village Trust, who set up the trust to provide safe, comfortable living conditions for his workers. Today, many companies have followed suit and give generously to charities on a regular basis.

So now the answer to the WHY? Why did G7FX start g7fxgiving.com?

G7FX decided to commit to supporting charities for three main reasons:

The first reason is it has always been one of Nirav’s (founder of G7FX) passions to be in a position to give back to the community and causes he believes in.

The second reason – the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the lives of people, their incomes and the economy. We are passionate to help causes working towards improving the lives of people that have been affected by the pandemic.

The third reason is because the trading education industry has a bad name. It is riddled with so-called educators offering courses that result in students losing more money than they ever make. For this reason, we are passionate about getting involved with charities who are supporting gambling addiction, especially related to the trading financial markets.

We are doing our best to expose the problem!

It’s time to shine a light on the Educational Trading Industry. It’s G7FX’s mission to provide people with professional trading education from an ex-institutional trader. As far as we are aware. Nirav is the only professional trader offering this standard of trading education with the complete transparency of results.

Nirav believes that providing people with a trading education that will enable them to support themselves and their community is the best way to raise the profile of the industry.

We are a community!

Nirav has also decided to involve the G7FX community and not just support charities of his own choice. This will take place through having polls on the g7fxgiving.com site where the community can help choose which charities will be donated to through the projects such as the £25k challenge. We feel that being able to influence where various donations go will be very empowering to all involved.

The G7FX community spreads around the world. Giving back to your immediate community, coupled with the effort you are putting into improving that community, has multiple benefits for everyone.

All of the above points are worthy reasons why we’ve chosen to support charities. But G7FX also recognises its corporate responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The purpose of corporate social responsibility is to have a positive, lasting impact on society, which goes beyond just donating money to a good cause.

Nirav has spent a lot of time pointing out the problems in the trading education industry. He recognises the role G7FX has to play in protecting and educating people who want to learn how to trade from a professional company with a transparent background.

The trading educational industry is in a mess, riddled with deception and profiteers. Nirav is elevating the standards of trading education in the industry through the G7FX education courses.

We’re on a mission to clean up the trading education industry. To trade like a professional, you need a professional training. Nirav is teaching a professional way to trade with pride and integrity. Nirav believes this is one of the best ways he can support the trading educational community.

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