The Mix

The Mix

The first charity we are going to be contributing towards is called The Mix (

The Mix is a digital charity in the United Kingdom. The Mix does a significant amount of work with young adults helping them with a range of potential issues revolving around sex & relationships, their bodies, mental health, drink & drugs, housing, money, work & study, crime & safety and many other fields.

Our attention was drawn towards them because they also help those that require advice on gambling addictions. As we have said before, getting the wrong type of education when it comes to financial markets, in particular, using unregulated brokers and signal providers can lead to major losses and gambling type of behaviours.

This can be particularly dangerous when exhibited in young adults which is where The Mix can help. As noted, however, they do help with a wide variety of issues and, therefore, are not just focused on one area but can help with many.

They offer a variety of practical services such as a helpline, discussion boards, one-to-one chats, counselling services and more. They also point people in the direction of local services.

The Mix have a Just Giving page here:

“The impact of coronavirus has put young people at risk. Our services have witnessed just how anxious, isolated and scared they are right now. Donate to keep our life-saving services running and give young people a space to breathe and seek support.

Many young people are already struggling with mental health issues or complex home lives, which have been made even more challenging by the need to stay indoors, because of coronavirus. Missing the structure of school, university, or work and without access to the support of the youth and health services they rely on every day, many under-25s are at crisis point.

Parents and carers are under huge pressure, and many don’t know how to help, but The Mix understand and provide crucial support for young people and their families. We can listen, offer expert advice and connect young people to their peers.

That’s why our phone, text, web, social and counselling services are so vital. All of our support services are free, confidential and open to any young person who is struggling. We reach over 2.5 million young people each year and connect them to the right advice.

When it feels like there’s nowhere else to turn, The Mix are always here to listen and to talk.

Please donate to keep our life-saving services running and give young people a space to breathe and seek help.

£3 (the cost of a coffee) can help five young people get life-saving support.

£15 (the cost of a meal out) can provide a week of training for one of our helpline volunteers.

£30 (the price of a gym membership) will pay for our online group chats to be run for a day.

If you decide to share your contact details with us, we will send you a personal email to thank you for your kind donation.”

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