How to Take Part in the Challenge

Are you interested in winning 25k? Of course you are, and here at G7FX, we have a challenge in which the winner can win 25k of our founder’s money. We are a trading course provider for those wishing to learn how to trade Forex successfully, and, unlike any other trading course provider, we are qualified and show verifiable results to prove our success and credibility. It is an unfortunate truth that many trading course providers are unqualified and simply cannot show proof of their success like we can, which is where our challenge comes in. We are here to expose the ugly truth of Retail Sector trading courses by offering up a 25k prize to anyone who can find an educator that shares our same quality of verified results. Here at G7FX, we want to create an even playing field for anyone who wants to trade successfully.

Join Our Forex Trading Challenge 

Welcome to G7FX, a qualified trading course provider with verifiable results. We want to ensure everyone can benefit from Forex Trading and provide the courses to allow you to be successful. However, it is a sad truth that many of the courses out there simply aren’t up to scratch and do nothing more than line the pockets of those offering them. We are here to combat this and level the playing field by exposing this ugly truth about Retail Sector trading programmes, and this is how the G7FX Challenge was born. 

Other trading providers don’t offer verified trading records like we do at G7FX, as we are completely transparent. The industry is full of unqualified trading educators who don’t even trade for a living and are not credible in any way, and we are here to combat this and transform the industry. 

You can join our Forex Trading Challenge and have the chance to win 25k of our founder, Nirav’s, own money. He is offering a 25k immediate cash prize to anyone who can find a trading educator that shares the same quality of verified results as us. That’s it; simply find a provider with verifiable results to match or beat us, and the money is yours. 

What is Forex Trading? 

Forex Trading, otherwise known as the foreign exchange market, is a global marketplace where traders exchange national currencies against one another. This market determines the foreign exchange rates for every currency worldwide, and it includes buying, selling, and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices. 

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    What is the Challenge About? 

    Here at G7FX, we were shocked to realise that most of the trading courses out there were being offered by educators who don’t even trade full time. Many of these educators cannot show verified trading results because they simply don’t have any to show, and these are not people you wish to learn trading from. 

    We created the G7FX Challenge in order to highlight this lack of reputable and credible trading courses in the Retail Sector. Our aim is to level the playing field by exposing the Retail Trading industry for its lack of verifiable courses, and this is where the challenge comes in. 

    Nirav, G7FX’s founder, has put up 25k of his own money for anyone who can prove there is another educator out there with verifiable results to match or beat ours. For every month without a winner, 1k of this prize money will go to a charity chosen by the public. So, not only does our challenge expose the industry, but we help those that need it most too. 

    Why G7FX Has Created this Challenge

    As you will have seen from the above, this challenge was created to expose the lack of professional trading courses in the Retail Sector with verifiable results. We believe that G7FX is the only provider to actually offer trading results that can be verified, and we are so confident in this that we are offering a 25k cash prize to anyone who can prove us wrong. 

    On a Mission to Transform the Forex Trading Industry  

    Here at G7FX, we are on a mission to transform the Forex Trading industry, and our G7FX Challenge is how we will do this. The trading education industry is full of unqualified educators who don’t trade for a living and can’t show verified and audited trading records to support their credibility. We wish to expose this and transform the industry by doing so. 

    If you can find any trading educator who is sharing the same quality of verified results as we are, we will give you 25k cash. It’s that simple. 

    25k Cash Prize 

    Our founder and CEO, Nirav, is so confident that there are no other trading educators matching or beating our verifiable results that he is offering up 25k of his own cash to anyone who can prove him wrong. For every month without a winner, 1k of this prize will be donated to charity. 

    G7FX Giving Challenge Rules 

    The rules are simple for our G7FX Challenge. You need only find a trading educator that can match or beat our verifiable results. If you can prove another educator shares the same quality of verified results as us, the cash prize is yours. 

    The trading educator must show clear evidence of any three consecutive months of > 50% per month over any six-month period, starting January 1st 2020. You can see the full terms and conditions below: 

    • Public Link Available to MyFXBook with Track Record Verified and Trading Privileges Verified. 
    • All Open Trades, Open Orders, and Full History on Display – Any and All Instruments Allowed. 
    • Trading Account Type: No Restrictions on Account Size as Long as Real Account. 
    • Drawdown Must Be < 10% Per Month for Any 2 of the 3 Months and < 5% Per Month for at Least 1 of the 3 Months. Only Absolute Gains Eligible. 
    • Minimum of 10 Trading Days in Any Given Month – No Single Day Can Account for > 20% of Monthly Profits. 
    • Only the Following Reputable Brokers Allowed to Ensure Integrity of Results: IC Markets, Pepperstone, IG Markets, Dukascopy. 
    • Must Be a Trading Educator with a Public Website Selling a Paid Course for Minimum of 6 Months – Course Must Be at Least 10 Hours Long. 

    Fully Audited Trading Educator 

    To win the 25k cash prize, you need to show that there is another fully audited trading educator in addition to G7FX. They, like us, need to show Verified and Audited Trading Record with a reputable broker to support their credibility.  

    G7FX Trading Courses 

    Here at G7FX, we have created two professional trading courses to ensure anyone wishing to learn how to trade Forex successfully can do so. We offer a Foundation Course and a Pro Course, which will teach you everything you need to know. These courses replicate what you would be learning on the job at one of the leading trading firms. 

    Why Take Part in the G7FX Giving Challenge? 

    There is a very simple reason to take part in our G7FX Giving Challenge; the chance to win 25k in cash. All you need to do is provide verifiable proof that there is another educator out there matching or beating our results, and the money is yours.  

    The G7FX Challenge also helps those that need it most, as every month goes by without a winner claiming the cash prize, 1k of it goes to a charity chosen by the public. 

    How to Enter the Challenge 

    If you believe you have found an educator that meets all of the above criteria, all you need to do is submit their details to for a chance to win. 

    Get in Touch with G7FX Today 

    As you can see, there is no reason not to take part in the G7FX Challenge; what have you got to lose? If you are also interested in investing in our Forex Trading Courses, you need only get in touch with us to find out more. There are a couple of ways in which you can get in touch; if you believe you have found an educator that meets the criteria, email us today at 

    Alternatively, if you wish to find out more about our trading courses before investing, you can email Nirav directly at He is always happy to speak to anyone interested in our courses, so long as it is outside of market hours. Nirav will schedule a call with you to discuss everything further. 

    You can also fill out our online form, leaving your details and enquiry, and we will respond shortly via your preferred method of contact.