Day Trading Course 

Do you want to learn how to successfully trade? Have you been searching for a comprehensive training programme that will teach you everything you need to know, but have been coming up short? If so, you have certainly come to the right place now, as we at G7FX offer professional training programmes, backed by over 16 years of experience. There are many courses out there, but we have found they offer little reward for the expense and don’t teach you what you need to know. This is why we created our training courses, which replicate the programmes provided by leading trading firms. With our course, you will be replicating what you would do from day one learning on the job, all while being mentored by our founder, Nirav. With the years of experience brought by Nirav, and our dedication to providing cutting-edge training solutions, G7FX are the team for Forex trading courses. Email Nirav at for more.

If you’re looking for day trading courses that teach you the ins and outs of day trading, you may have been left stung in the past. The truth is that many course providers aren’t interested in teaching you the real skills to become profitable. They are only interested in using you as a means to increase their profits. That’s where G7FX comes in as we’re on a mission to provide top-level training, the sort you’d be provided by experienced traders while working at a leading firm.

Founded by Nirav, G7FX was set up to address the retail sector’s fundamental lack of trading education. So far as he’s aware, Nirav is the only trading educator in the world with a solid institutional background backed by 100% independently verified results that anyone with an internet connection can access. So, if you’re looking to learn trading from the best, get in touch with G7FX to enquire about our trading courses.

All About Day Trading

Welcome to G7FX, where we teach you the secrets of day trading in our Foundation and Pro courses. Day trading has been made largely possible thanks to the rise of the internet and online trading houses. As a result, virtually anyone can get in on the action without needing to be professional traders. However, if you’re looking to be profitable to the point of being self-sustaining without needing an additional income, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of stock trading.

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    What is Day Trading?

    Day trading is, in a nutshell, the process of purchasing and selling a security. As the name implies, this normally occurs on a single trading day. It most commonly occurs in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) and stock markets. The process involves utilising high amounts of leverage and short-term trading strategies to capitalise on small price movements. These usually occur within currencies or liquid stocks. Such strategies can be acquired working for a professional firm or by undertaking day trading courses.

    Forex Day Trading

    As stated above, day trading is the process of buying and selling security within a single trading day. When we talk about Forex trading, we’re referring to day trading within the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. This type of trading is very lucrative and is covered in great depth in our Foundation and Pro courses. There is no established formula; most successful Forex traders simply require adequate market knowledge and a solid trading plan to ensure a high chance of success.

    Stock Market Day Trading

    Stock trading is one of the most common forms of trading once only accessible to traders working for large financial institutions, trading houses, and brokerages. Times have changed, and many courses now teach students to utilise the internet and online trading houses, making the stock market far more accessible. Of these courses, however, only G7FX’s teaches you the skills you need to be profitable.

    Which One Is Better?

    While you’re being the taught the ins and outs of day trading, it’s highly recommended that you stick to one or two instruments maximum based on whatever suits you, your lifestyle, and working hours. While both offer equal opportunities to be profitable, Forex has very little observable volume/ transparency. So, it is suggested that you trade only markets with observable volume (Crude Oil/ S&P 500 or similar) while you’re taking our courses.

    Day Trading Strategies

    Day traders utilise a variety of day trading strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition. We cover these strategies in our day trading courses, and you can find a brief introduction to each one below. These strategies are important to master. While they won’t guarantee your success 100% of the time, they will greatly improve the odds in your favour. Remember that all you need to greatly increase your chances of success is adequate market knowledge and a solid trading plan.

    The following strategies are:

    • Scalping
    • Range Trading
    • News-Based Trading
    • High-Frequency Trading (HFT)
    • Limit Orders


    The first strategy taught by our Foundation and Pro courses is known as Scalping. You’ve likely heard this word before, particularly if you’ve ever purchased tickets. In the world of trading, Scalping refers to profiting from small price changes and reselling quickly. Traders must have a solid exit strategy in mind. Even a sizeable loss could wipe out the many small gains made by the trader, so there’s a lot of risk involved.

    Range Trading

    The next strategy taught by G7FX is Range Trading. Range Trading is a process in which an established range materialises when a security trades between consistent low and high prices for a set amount of time. Price resistance is usually provided by the top of a security’s trading range. Conversely, price support is offered by the bottom of the trading range. The full details of this strategy are covered in our courses.

    News-Based Trading

    Also known as trading the news is a technique used to trade currencies, equities, and other instruments on the financial markets. Such reports often spur strong short-term market shifts, creating opportunities for traders. A company’s market share can move wildly, affected by factors such as changes in management, merger rumours, and announcements of corporate profits. News-Based Trading can often serve as a vital tool for savvy financial investors.

    High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

    High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is a process that leverages the use of powerful, sophisticated computer programmes to transact a sizeable number of orders. This can be done in fractions of a second, making it very useful for large-scale day trading. Multiple markets can be analysed quickly, and orders executed based on the conditions of these markets. More information on High-Frequency Trading can be obtained through our courses.

    Limit Orders

    Limit Orders are orders made to purchase and sell a stock at a specific price or higher. To implement a buy limit order, it must be equal to or lower than the limit price. To implement a sell limit order, it must be equal to or higher than the limit price. Limit Orders are not guaranteed to be executed and can only be filled if a stock’s market price hits the limit price. One upside of Limit Orders is that they guarantee that an investor doesn’t pay more than a pre-determined price for a stock.

    How to Succeed with Day Trading

    Many people falsely assume that you must be at your screen every minute of the day to succeed. Despite being called day trading, you can spend as little as two hours a day at your screen and still be profitable. We recommend allocating two hours in the morning and two in the afternoon to succeed with day trading, though you won’t need to trade both sessions. During your active periods, you should check the markets enough to monitor your positions – no more!

    You Must Understand the Market

    While you only require adequate market knowledge, it’s important that you at least have a basic understanding of how markets work. Remember that the rules change from one market to the next. The way you’d approach Forex trading won’t necessarily be the same as stock trading, so keep that in mind. Our courses will teach you how to understand and trade different markets – you’ll learn precisely the same things you’d learn at a professional firm but without the added pressure.

    Risk Only What You Can Afford to Lose

    This is important as, while day trading is neither illegal nor unethical, it is high-risk. Day trading provides investors with the opportunity to amass a small fortune very quickly. One thing we’ve noticed, however, is that many traders simply lack the wealth, time, or temperament to profit while sustaining the often-devastating losses that can occur when day trading. This is often due to poor education, which G7FX are here to address. The important lesson anyone can instil is this – know your limits and risk only what you can afford to lose.

    Utilise Day Trading Strategies  

    We touched on the various day trading strategies available to you above. You must utilise these strategies in your efforts to greatly increase your chances of success. While no strategy offers a guaranteed 100% success rate, you can shift the odds firmly in your favour by using one or even several strategies in tandem. Remember that you’ll always trade more successfully when approaching day trading with a solid plan. 

    You Must Stay Disciplined

    It’s very easy to get cocky when day trading, especially if you’ve just had a massive windfall or a run of luck with one trade after another yielding profits. Just remember that it only takes a single, huge loss to wipe out any small gains you’ve made during that day. Depending on how much you lose and how adept you are at sustaining these losses, you could end up losing a lot more than that.

    Many people run into difficulties that lead to obsessive habits that can lead a person to bankruptcy. In fact, we set up G7FX Giving to help people in such situations. Remember that day trading can yield devastating losses, so you must always approach it seriously and with the right level of discipline – know your limits and when to stop. id plan. 

    What You Need to Become a Day Trader

    The only thing you need to become a day trader is an adequate knowledge of markets, a genuine interest in stock and Forex trading, and an aptitude for working with the business model (trading). No experience is required, and our courses assume none.

    We insist that you empty your broker account and trade with zero money (simulator only) for the duration of our courses. This ensures that you’re comfortable with the business model before you begin trading real money. This is the same approach adopted by leading institutions.

    Besides this, you simply need to be able to commit anywhere from 2-4 hours a day where you’ll be checking the markets and monitoring your position. You’ll also need an internet connection, so you can access the course material.

     The Correct Analytics Software  

    To trade successfully, you’ll need access to certain analytics software. You’ll need a DOM (Depth of Market) and a Footprint. A DOM alone will set you back by £1000+, and a decent Footprint can cost over £1,250. When you sign up for our courses, you’ll receive a custom DOM and Footprint free of charge! A DOM will help you measure the supply and demand of tradeable, liquid assets. A Footprint chart is a type of candlestick chart that offers extra information, including order flow and trade volume in addition to price. 

    Access to a Variety of News Sources  

    One crucial tool that can aid you on your journey to be a profitable trader is access to news sources. By clicking on the G7FX Social website, you can keep tabs on the latest updates, posts, and trends within our industry. 

    Foundations of a Good Day Trading Course  

    We mentioned above that you might have already been stung by trading courses in the past. The simple truth is that many educators are only out to profit and use people like you as a means to an end. You’ll be taught just enough to give you a starting point but never enough to help you be successful. The result is you spending hours pouring over videos online that only serve to lead you around in circles. So, what makes for a sturdy foundation for a trading course? 

    Authenticity and Legitimacy  

    Authenticity and legitimacy are very important as we found that many “educators” offer courses despite having no actual institutional experience to draw from. That’s like teaching a person to drive when you’ve only ever passed your test but never actually driven full-time. To demonstrate how G7FX are different, we stress that our founder – Nirav – who will personally serve as your mentor and teacher has many years of institutional experience. 

    He’s also the only educator able to back up his experience with verifiable trading records that anyone with an internet connection can access 

    Engaging Learning Style

    Another indicator of a good trading course is one that offers an engaging learning style that lets you learn at your own pace in a relaxed setting. There should be no actual risk as only simulators should be used, ensuring that you can learn from your mistakes without paying for them.

    Valuable Content

    Most importantly, the content should offer significant value. This is where many educators fail because they teach only the basics and never the sort of skills you’d acquire working for a firm. This means that, until we came along, your only recourse was to dive in at the deep end and try and learn on the fly. With G7FX, you can learn everything you’ll need to be profitable, benefitting from Nirav’s experience, having worked for many of the world’s leading institutions.

    G7FX Courses

    Our trading courses assume no prior experience and start you from the ground level. As you work through our Foundation and Pro courses, you’ll be learning the same process followed by the world’s top institutions. This will help prepare you for a successful career in Forex trading, ensuring you have the necessary understanding and skillsets moving to prosper.

    Why Choose G7FX for Your Day Trading Course?

    Why should you choose G7FX? Because upon leaving the city, Nirav grew sick and tired of seeing so-called “educators” providing “training” that served only to skew the odds in their favour. Our approach is straightforward; we teach you everything you need to know to be a successful trader. We leave nothing out; you’ll learn the risks, strategies, and techniques to help you prosper, and you’ll gain some very useful analytics tools absolutely free!

    We’re not affiliated with any brokers, so we are 100% incentivised to help you succeed. And remember, so far as we know, Nirav is the only trading educator with verified results that can be accessed online.

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    Having read through the above information, it should now be clear that G7FX are the ones to call for the best stock trading courses. Whether you have some experience with day trading or no experience whatsoever, you’ll find our day trading courses to be very accessible. We assume no prior knowledge or experience, starting you from the ground level, so you can work your way up in a controlled and relaxed manner.

    We want to help you succeed and become as profitable as the top traders in the world. Remember that Nirav is the only trading educator in the world with a proven institutional background and the results to back this up so far as he’s aware. If you would like to set up a chat with Nirav, simply drop him an email at Nirav will respond as soon as possible to arrange a call with you outside of market hours.