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The second charity we are going to be contributing towards is called Dad’s House. They are currently making an urgent appeal for food bank donations to support vulnerable families during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Dad’s House aim is to make sure children remain the priority after divorce, separation or bereavement.

From their about us page:

“Dad’s House aim is to make sure children remain the priority after divorce, separation or bereavement. We will help all dads in need but cannot assist anyone that has been charged with any physical/verbal abuse of their children/partner.

There are many ways in which we help dads and families, including offering emotional support, combating loneliness and isolation by being available to chat with dads on the phone or in-person at our drop-in centre, breakfast clubs, law clinics, food banks and accommodation/housing. Our goal is to have drop-in centres around the UK run by dads.

Whilst we are helping Dads with the consequences that arise, our long-term aim is to tackle the cause through research, raising awareness and legal reform. We believe it’s not about the mother’s right or the father’s right but the child’s right to be cared for and raised by both their parents equally.”

Here is their Just Giving page:

“Since Covid-19, we have been supporting families through our foodbanks. Since March 2020, we have supported over 18,000 families and provided 218,000 meals. We have been able to do this thanks to wonderful support, but we need your help to continue.

Dad’s House – the charity supporting dads, mums and families, is supporting the community in West Brompton by ensuring local residents can receive essential food items from its food banks.

West Brompton Food Bank is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 3 pm. Vulnerable families who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown, are able to visit the food bank in person to receive free food. Deliveries are also available, although these are reserved for the most vulnerable families. Stock is constantly being depleted and restocked.

We are in desperate need of donations.

The Dad’s House food bank operations have already supported over 18,000 families in such a short space due to the effects of Covid-19, and the numbers are continuing to get higher. We’re also supporting several members of the elderly community, who are self-isolating, and who are in retirement communities. Dad’s House food banks have so far provided enough food for over 212,000 meals. Hygiene and sanitary products are also available.

To ensure these food banks can remain operational, and that those requiring assistance in the local community have the resources they need during this difficult period, Dad’s House is trying to raise £40,000.

The below video from our friends at Double Down News shows how essential our work is.

Thank you for reading.”

A brilliant charity/organisation set up to help deal with an often-overlooked cause. There are currently over 2 million non-residential dads in the UK and over 200,000 raising their children alone. Just in London, there are 20,000 dads who are the main carers for their children. We have seen a huge change in society, and these figures are expected to rise dramatically in the next five years.

Their five-year plan is “to have Dad’s House branches across the UK, enabling us to help and support as many single fathers as possible.”

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