About G7FX

If you’re interested in receiving a professional trading education and learning how to trade profitably, you need to get in touch with G7FX. Backed by more than 16 years’ experience brought to the table by company founder, Neerav, we help applicants learn the ins and outs of trading, adopting the same process utilised by leading firms.

The Harsh Truth

The harsh truth is this – the incentives of many industry professionals, from signal services to retail brokers and educators are in no way balanced or skewed in your favour. In fact, it seems like their only goal is to make money from you whilst offering little to no reward in return. Neerav found after leaving the city that it wasn’t uncommon for individuals to be taught the complete opposite of what they need to know to trade successfully.

Many who complete one of these courses inevitably fail to turn what they’ve learned into a profitable career. The simple truth is that the trading education industry is filled with individuals who are unqualified educators who neither trade for a living nor can show any verified/ audited trading records.

It’s, for this reason, we created our G7FX courses and started the G7FX Challenge.

What Makes G7FX Different?

At G7FX, we’ve committed ourselves to levelling the playing field by providing cutting-edge training solutions that replicate the training programmes followed by the world’s leading trading firms. Our courses replicate exactly what you’d be doing from day one if you were actually learning on the job. The difference is that we give you a much more relaxed setting in which to learn the ropes. And all throughout, you’ll be mentored by Neerav.

More information concerning Neerav can be found on our ‘About Neerav’ page, but a quick summary of his credentials. Neerav worked for Barclays Investment Bank (one of the largest FX market makers in the world) for several years. At this time, BIB controlled 10% of the global foreign exchange market at a value estimated to be around £3-5 trillion. Neerav also worked for a proprietary trading firm and continues to make a profit trading from home.

Our Courses

The beauty of learning with G7FX is that we assume you have no prior experience. Even if you’ve never traded before in your life and know next to nothing about it, our courses are designed for you. Working a full-time job? Not a problem as our courses can be completed at your own pace. So long as you have the right opportunity (courtesy of G7FX) and the right attitude, there’s no reason you can’t succeed.

We offer two course levels – Foundation and Pro. Even if you have some basic trading knowledge, we recommend starting with our Foundation course. That’ll take you through everything you’d learn in your first three months at a professional firm starting from the moment you step through the door. The Pro course then builds on this, turning you into a well-rounded, knowledgeable, profitable trader. And the best part? Both courses are included in the price, along with some handy tools to help you progress.

You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes from following a proven system. As for Neerav himself, those who’ve worked with him before know that he’s very active on his Discord and social media platforms. He’s approachable, always there to provide support when needed.

The G7FX Challenge

There are so many unscrupulous educators in the industry who aren’t qualified to be teaching trading knowledge to others. Worse still, there are many who seek to mislead others to retain their advantage. The idea of the G7FX Challenge is simple. To help expose and combat this problem, Neerav is offering a £25k cash prize to anyone who finds a trading educator that provides similar (verified) results or better than what we offer.

For each month that passes without a winner, £1k will be donated to a charity chosen by the public until all the money is gone.

Get in Touch

There’s no denying that trading can be a very profitable venture if done right. It’s easy to throw in the towel and give up along the way. And it’s easy to be misled. But so long as you choose the right educator and persevere, you’ll make it work. You could be living your dream life, enjoying growth, confidence, and the security that comes from being entirely self-sufficient. All it takes is the right knowledge and insights.

If you have questions, email Neerav at nv@g7fx.com to schedule a call outside of market hours.