About Neerav Vadera

Maybe you’ve already had an opportunity to read up about G7FX. If not, we highly recommend you do so right after you get to know a bit more about our company founder – Neerav Vadera. If you’re looking to learn to trade profitably by receiving a professional trading education, Neerav is the man to help you. In fact, those who enrol on our courses will have the opportunity to be mentored by the man himself.

Early Years

With more than 17 years’ experience as a London-based institutional trader, Neerav Vadera (or NV as many refer to him as) is someone who’s very familiar with how trading works. His interest in trading and financial markets begun at a very young age. Neerav’s father was, in many ways, the inspiration as he pushed his son towards the pursuit of mathematics. This would eventually lead Neerav to study financial engineering at one of London’s top business schools.

Applying his passion for mathematics to use in solving financial market problems, Neerav made the logical leap into the trading world. Neerav attended Business School in London, and upon graduating went on to work on the trading floor at Barclays Investment Bank for several years. At the time, BIB held 10% of the global foreign exchange market to the value of £3-5 trillion. It was here Neerav forged connections, working with individuals from around the world while developing his love for financial markets.

During his time at BIB, Neerav was, by his own admission, extremely fortunate to have been responsible for coverage of some of the world’s leading financial markets. These markets encompassed clients, ranging from major central banks and hedge funds to real money funds and more. On top of that, Neerav also covered a broad range of asset classes, including the Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate products.

Taking the Next Step

Having spent several years cutting his teeth at BIB, Neerav Vadera decided to apply his experience by taking things to the next level, developing his career as a professional trader. This decision would eventually lead him to spend time working at some of the world’s leading proprietary trading firms. These firms specialise in the E-Mini S&P 500 and Crude Oil markets. This experience served to broaden Neerav’s skillsets, developing his expertise into different products such as futures to add to his already impressive expertise in the spot and options markets.

Having spent time with these firms, Neerav eventually took the decision to work as a private trader from home, focusing on GBP, S&P 500, and Crude Oil. This move would allow Neerav to still be profitable while spending time with his family.

Founding G7FX

In 2020, Neerav Vadera founded G7FX, a decision largely prompted by the realisation that there was a serious lack of credible trading education in the retail space. Neerav sought to change this by offering something completely different – courses that would replicate actual training programmes delivered by leading institutions.

The purpose of G7FX is to provide a truly unique insight into institutional trading for those that understand trading isn’t a get rich quick skill but are struggling to find the right educator. Leveraging his own professional background and results, Neerav sought to ensure everyone had the same opportunities as those who had already made their fortunes.

Unfortunately, there are too many unqualified, unverified educators out there; individuals who don’t trade for a living. Without a proven background in the area they are teaching, how can you trust them to steer you in the right direction? The short answer is you can’t. To help expose this and combat it, Neerav recently established the G7FX Challenge. To our knowledge, Neerav is the only trading educator in the world, providing fully verified trading records for anyone with an internet connection to access.

This includes:

  • Full Trading History
  • Every Trade Taken
  • No Hidden Open Orders
  • Information Compiled Using One of the Most Reputable Brokers in the World

The G7FX Neerav Vadera Challenge

As part of the G7FX Challenge, Neerav is offering an immediate £25k cash prize to anyone who can find a trading educator who is sharing the same quality of verified results that G7FX openly shares. Anyone who can do so gets the money – all of it, quibble-free.

For every month without an educator being found (other than G7FX), £1,000 of the £25k will be donated to a charity as chosen by the public.

That’s where G7FXCharity was born! Through our G7FXCharity website, you’ll find out more about where the money is being donated to.

Get in Touch

There’s no denying that trading can be a very profitable venture if done right. It’s easy to throw in the towel and give up along the way. And it’s easy to be misled. But so long as you choose the right educator and persevere, you’ll make it work. You could be living your dream life, enjoying growth, confidence, and the security that comes from being entirely self-sufficient. All it takes is the right knowledge and insights.

If you have questions, email Neerav at nv@g7fx.com to schedule a call outside of market hours.